Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh Disney, What Have You Done

Demi Lavato punched a girl !!

Oh, you remember her. The sweet underdog who appeared in Camp Rock. The sweet girl entered the Disney seen with all good intentions I am sure. True, she might have had some not so proper intentions toward Joe Jonas, but all in good fun.

But Demi has officially lost her good-girl appeal by punching a back-up dancer. Alex Welch received a pretty intense shiner. Demi admits that she was wrong and left the tour to go seek some help- anger management?

But look what Disney does to little girls? Just look at Miley Cyrus, she starred on Disney and now she just "Can't be Tamed".

I thought Disney was supposed to be kid friendly and teach good lessons to teeny-boppers? What is happening?

Oh Demi, you have let all the pre-teen starlet wannabees down. Is there treatment for that burden?

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