Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Opinion: Silly Bandz

Let's talk about these Silly Bandz. They are a sensation that is sweeping the nation. Filling the arms of children everywhere.

But wait! It is not just children who are choosing to dawn these rubber bracelets(?), the older crowd is eating them up as well.

No matter where I turn, the playground, Starbucks, nightclubs, the rubber discombobulated shapes in florescent colors are gleaming at me from the wrists of unknowing victims of a trend.

A trend, may I add, that is not cheap. Each pack averages at $4.99. For what? So you can take the rubber pieces off your hand and BOOM! A puppy shape is in your hand?

Most people do not even take them off, so what is the point really?

Why is it that arms everywhere are being overpopulated by these Silly Bandz.
I am jealous. I wish I was smart enough to come up with such an idea and rip people off of all ages.( I guess I will get the next one)

Here is what I know; I am not jumping on the Silly Bandz bandwagon until they come in phallic symbols.

Ciao for now,

p.s. Confession: I am wearing three silly bandz right now, but only because they are Dora the Explorer, her monkey friend Boots, and Patrick from Spongebob. They are stars, so I made an exception.


  1. I'm always late to the party with trends, I hadn't even noticed em.

  2. @colin, it sounds like I am with you on that, unless they are cartoon characters or phallic symbols...

    @Christopher, what?!? You have definitely seen them,

  3. im rockin my silly bands right now, got them for two dolla tho...who's puttin five on it?? craaazy. and shoot, you don't have to come up with the trend....just get in on silly bands now while theyre still cool. jump on someone else's trend bandwagon, haha

  4. @katrina- so what you are saying is I should move forward with this whole phallic silly band thing?

  5. haha i cannot lie, i kinda dig 'em. but re: wishing you came up with them, me too,

    i read this article randomly about the guy who created them and it was basically an accident. they were asking about future branding etc. and he was pretty much clueless. i cant remember if there was a photo but i have an impression that he was like a farmer in michigan or something.

  6. another awesome read, lookin forward to more posts

  7. I almost bought some today, but I didn't see Patrick :'(

  8. Adults wear them?? I thought just kids. Hmm. My granddaughter has had hers confiscated by teachers, bus drivers, mom, day care and lunch ladies. I lied and told her Miley said they're out.