Saturday, November 13, 2010

You Made Me Wait Too Long, But I Forgive You

For those of you who watch Psych...

Jules and Shawn together at last. I have waited through four and a half long seasons for this. Every episode they are right on the brink and then it just falls down the cliff. Talk about frustration, eh?

But on this past week's episode "Extradition II" , Shawn and Jules finally get together. She ditches the guy who will always be Richard from Lost and follows her heart right to Shawn. I didn't really pay attention to the episode because I was just biting my nails at the build-up, but I remember the ending. Shawn and Jules get to the epic make-out session. It keeps getting interrupted but they keep going ! As they should !!

Thank you USA, I have waited so long for this and now I can continue to watch Psych happily without twitching every time Jules and Shawn end up in the same room two inches away from each other, face-to-face, and then NOTHING happens.

Ahhhhhh...... tha is the sound of relief.

Now all I am waiting on is Jill and Cal in Lie To Me.

Let's make it happen!!

Ciao for now,


  1. don't really care for psych, but i saw lie to me is on netflix now... plus it has tim roth, i'll take this as a yes i should check that out...

  2. Psych is a great show for comic relief, it is very entertaining,
    As for Lie To Me, you should definitely check it out, it is an exceptional show, amazing.