Sunday, October 31, 2010

No, Sarah, That Really Won't Be Necessary

If the country needed me — and I'm not saying that the country does and that the country would ever necessarily want to choose me over anyone else, but I would be willing to make the sacrifices if need be for America. - Sarah Palin

Now, I must say that I am not a Liberal -of any kind- or a conservative- of any kind. I have been strong on voting by candidate. I am liberal when it comes to social issues and I am conservative when it comes to other issues and I am moderate on further issues. What I am trying to say that the following words do not come from my political leanings. No, they come from my brain.

SARAH PALIN, America will never need that types of sacrifice! Never! Now she wants to run around and her own TLC show, fine. She wants to cheer her teeny-bopper mama daughter on Dancing with the Stars, fine. You want to get on television and run your mouth, less fine, but okay. But never, never, ever, ever ever will it be okay, under any circumstance, for you to run for president!

America will never need that. Not in good times, and not in despair. I am sorry tuts, but president just ain't your calling. I am not saying I love Obama, because I don't. I don't really like him all that much, but I'd rather him keep the chair in the Oval Office warm, than you be there.

So the only sacrifice, I and the people of the United States of America, would ask you to make is to stop saying "Dog Gonnit" ( excuse the spelling) and simmer down. And, most importantly, never ever follow your political dreams. Did I say never ever? NEVER EVER !

Please and Thank You.

Ciao for now,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Can Be Sexy Too

Who was it that started associating Halloween with slut?

I mean it starts out that when your little you go as a princess, or Dorothy, or a bummble bee, maybe a cookie? Then you grow up and its sluty princess, whory Dorothy, skanked out bumble bee, and Bite me, cookie.

Check out the top ten sexy costumes of 2010 posted on

They are not sexy costumes, they are just sluted-up uniforms. Ooh I'll put out your fire ;)

I want to see some creativity. Where are the costumes that tell me girls still have some self-worth left? Or that there are brains floating up around in that head?

Any Office fans out there? You know when Jim comes in with three black dots on his shirt and says he is " 3 hole punch Jim" that's creative.
We can't all be that cool, but try people.

Wanna be a firefighter ladies? Put on the uniform; the big pants, big jacket, suspenders, etc. and own it!!

Ciao for now,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glee: You Never Cease to Amaze Me...

But more importantly, John Stamos....

Glee this week was amazing. I, being a devoted and loyal Rock Horror Picture Show fan, was elated to find out that Glee was going to make an episode out of it.

Glee is the sensation that is sweeping the nation and it just keeps getting better.

The Glee staff really outdid themselves this time. In one episode we had Rocky, Mr. Shu shirtless, and let's not forget... JOHN STAMOS.

I have been waiting for him to sing a number and watch him dance around. Him singing Hot Patootie was ...was... simply magnificent. It brought me right back to the Uncle Jesse days.

Glee writers, producers and who ever else helps make this show, if you are reading... I want Mr. Shu without a shirt more often and more John Stamos numbers. Thank you in advance.

Ciao for now,

Here's A Story Bout How My Life Got Twisted Upside Down

- Well actually it is a story of how this blog has come to be.

For those of you who follow my other blog Chronicles of A College Girl , thank you for being devoted readers anc checking out my new project.

For those of you who have happened to stumble upon Coffee & The Insomniac in the wee hours of the night ( morning?) WELCOME!

This here is something new. I have plenty of space to talk about myself- and boy do I take advantage of it- but this is going to be about everything else.

This is my commentator blog. I will post and comment on things I find, thing I stumble upon, things people tell me about, and whatever else crosses my path.

I can't wait to see how it works out !

And please, please, engage in discussion ! Agree with me? Tell me! Disagree with me? Tell me !!
Let's have at it !

Ciao for now,