Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Can Be Sexy Too

Who was it that started associating Halloween with slut?

I mean it starts out that when your little you go as a princess, or Dorothy, or a bummble bee, maybe a cookie? Then you grow up and its sluty princess, whory Dorothy, skanked out bumble bee, and Bite me, cookie.

Check out the top ten sexy costumes of 2010 posted on

They are not sexy costumes, they are just sluted-up uniforms. Ooh I'll put out your fire ;)

I want to see some creativity. Where are the costumes that tell me girls still have some self-worth left? Or that there are brains floating up around in that head?

Any Office fans out there? You know when Jim comes in with three black dots on his shirt and says he is " 3 hole punch Jim" that's creative.
We can't all be that cool, but try people.

Wanna be a firefighter ladies? Put on the uniform; the big pants, big jacket, suspenders, etc. and own it!!

Ciao for now,

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